What kind of Twisted Game is life playing?

Sean is one of the main protagonists of the game. He is Tom's best friend. Throughout the game he can not die until the end of the game. If the player isn't fast enough to pick him up after he falls, a wendigo will come and decapitate him. Sean has a small playable segment at the end. Thats when he has is determinant death.

Sean's Relationships Edit

  • Tom - Sean has been Tom's best friend since 1st grade. They have been through a lot together.
  • Dylan - Dylan and Sean are close. He seems to be one of Dylan's best friends.
  • Wyatt - Sean and Wyatt are lab partners. Other then that they are not seen interacting in any way.
  • Chris - Sean is the only one who really cares about Chris. Other then that, they are not really friends.
  • Lester - Sean hates Uncle Lester like everyone else.