Its all my fault hes dead, I could've saved him

Dylan is one of the main protagonists of Bio Wrath. The only way he can die is if Wyatt dies. He will kill himself over guilt of not being able to protect his friend.

Killed Victims Edit

  • Few Wendigos
  • Himself (Determinant)

Dylan's Relationships Edit

  • Tom - Dylan and Tom have been friends for a while. They are at each others backs at a time of need. Dylan tries his best to protect him.
  • Sean - Dylan and Sean are really good friends.
  • Wyatt - Dylan and Wyatt are best friends. He is the only reason Wyatt is really in the group. He cares for him and even commits suicide if Wyatt dies.
  • Chris - Dylan despises Wyatt very much. They often get in quarrels and hate each other.
  • Uncle Lester - Uncle Lester is Dylan's uncle. He doesn't seem to care for him. They don't have a close relationship.